Subaru owners can get free badges to express their snow sports love

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 25, 2010 2:44 pm

 The coveted Subaru snow sports Badge of Ownership sticker

Subaru vehicles are synonymous with the ski and snowboard world. Whether it’s the company’s corporate sponsorship of the Freesking World Tour, or being the official car brand of nearly any ski town USA, Subaru has established a niche among snow sports enthusiasts.

To reward their loyal customers, many of which are on their second, third, or fourth model, the Japanese company has announced a special customer appreciation program directed at further developing a personal relationship between owners and their respective Subaru. “The Badge of Ownership” is a simple, yet highly intriguing idea where a current Subaru owner can select a badge (think merit badge) that designates their number of Subaru vehicles owned, along with options for lifestyle icons that reflect personal interests and hobbies.

The process is simple, just log on to and enter your name, address, and VIN number. The VIN number ensures you actually own a Subaru, and you’re not just being a poser. It’s really that easy, and doesn’t even require a credit card or any billing information.

This here Ski Channel writer already has his badge on the way, and while he might be a newbie to the brand, he has a feeling this might not be the last he owns.