Winners of Europe’s toughest bike race Sellaronda

Posted By: Selma Al-Faqih on June 26, 2010 2:33 pm

The ASC Olang representative, Klaus Fontana, is the ultimate leader of the Suedtirol Sellaronda Hero who puts Georg Piazza in second place and Riccardo Milesi in third place of the podium. In the women’s category, Anna Ferrari, from Vicenza, is the winner. On the 50-kilometre track, Andrea Zamboni is the winner in the men’s category and Andrea Tasser is the winner in the womens’ category. Good performances of the Italian athletes who competed on the short track: Florian Eisath (12°), Peter Fill  (23°), Christoph Innerhofer  (39°).

Klaus Fontana, the 37-year old cyclist and ASC Olang representative, is the Suedtirol Sellaronda Hero winner who won on the 82-kilometre track with a climb of 4,2000 metres.

After leaving Sella Valgardena at 8 a.m., Fontana leads the race and leaves behind the rest of the participants and crosses the Dantercepies Pass with Franz Hofer, the other potential winner from South Tyrol and Scott representative. On the downward slope towards the Gardena Pass and subsequently to Corvara, due to a technical problem to his bike, Hofer is more and more distant from the leader of the race. For Fontana, this is the opportunity to lead for the next 70 kilometres that «I carefully managed, because I knew how tough the track was, since I had raced on it two weeks earlier – the winner said after arriving – during the inspection of the track, I thought, “Why am I doing this?”». It is a very tough track, and this is the reason why Fontana decided to have a 27/39 setting for his bike «I used this setting a lot because the climbs were very challenging». While Fontana was getting to the finishing post in Selva Gardena in 4:46’06”, Georg Piazza from Ortisei and Riccardo Milesi, the Lissone MTB representative from Milan, were racing for the second place: at Duron Pass, the participant from South Tyrol started distancing Milesi to be second with a total time of 10’49”28 from the winner, while Milesi ended up being third in 4:59’20”. Paolo Alberati finished fourth, and Hofer finished eighth and will try to do better during the European Marathon Championship that will start tomorrow in Veneto.
In the women’s category, Anna Ferrari from Valdagno is the winner of the race. After an extremely prudent start, she became faster and arrived in first place. The Elettroveneta Corratec Team representative from Vicenza finished with a total time of 6:10’58”, in front of Antonella Incristi, Ki.Co. Sys Cussigh Bike representative, and Vania Marzarotto, Asd Forgital representative. It is important to announce Michela Benzoni’s retreat, after she chose the wrong track about four hours from the beginning of the race.
In the 50-kilometre long race, Andrea Zamboni won with a total time of 3:05’51” beating Daniel Jung (second place) and Maurizio Broll, third place after sprinting and beating Gunther Goller. Regarding women’s ranking, Andrea Tasser did an excellent job by finishing racing on the short track a little after 4 hours, having Cariza Munoz, a Mexican but Italian by adoption participant, 21’40” from her. Heidi Unterweger, Tasser’s teammate and other representative from ASC Sarntal Rad, finished third. On the same track, some ski friends, invited by Peter Runggaldier, the co-organizer of the event, participated: Florian Eisath (12th), Peter Fill (23rd), Christoph Innerhofer (39). One of them is Thomas Wildmann, the Bolzano Province’s Economy assessor who is a mountain bike lover that arrived 35th.
The first Suedtirol Sellaronda Hero edition ends with over 450 bikers (the limit decided by the organizers was 500 participants) representing 14 countries and with 30 women on two tracks that were considered to be very challenging, not only for their height difference, but even for some technical single-track crossings on the slopes. Peter Runggaldier and Gerhard Vanzi, the two organizers, are very happy with what happened today and, after the races ended, want to say thank you to those who helped make Suedtirol Sellaronda Hero successful: «We thought of it as the new born race that crossed 4 valleys, 3 provinces and 7 city halls and, in order to provide a high-quality service, a lot of associations from the territories that hosted the race supported and helped us – Vanzi said – and we want to say thank you to them».
Tomorrow, the district passes will be closed to traffic: Sellaronda Bike Day will take place, with over 15 cyclists going up and down the passes.

Men’s ranking 82 km
1. Klaus Fontana    ASC Olang    4:46‘06“64
2. Georg Piazza    Sunshine Racer ASW Nals    4:56’55.92
3. Riccardo Milesi    Lissone MTB    4:59’20.94
4. Paolo Alberati    AEG Sporting Test Team    5:07’15.05
5. Michele De Gasperi    Bren Team Trento    5:09’36.29

Women’s ranking 82 km
1. Anna Ferrari    Elettroveneta Corractec    6:10’58.57
2. Antonella Incristi    Ki.Co. Sys Cussigh Bike Ermetic    7:00’29.31
3. Nadia Pasqualini    Extreme Factory Team    7:39’57.00
4. Valentina Vallinotto Lissone Mtb       7:50’36.13
Carboni Elisabetta   Asd Ferretti Team Green Devils   8:30’20.67

Men’s ranking 50 km
1. Andrea Zamboni    Petrolvilla Bergner Brau    3:05’51.98
2. Daniel Jung    Otzi Bike Team    3:12’24.76
3. Maurizio Broll    MSP    3:20’27.09
4. Gunther Goller    Rodes Gherdeina Halti    3:20’27.11
5. Christian Chiavedale    Ki.Co. Sys Cussigh Bike Ermetic     3:30’38.05

Women’s ranking 50 km
1. Andrea Tasser    ASC Sarntal Rad    4:00’21.75
2. Cariza Munoz    Los Locos ASD    4:22’02.25
3. Heidi Unterweger     ASC Sarntal Rad    4:45’18.31
4. Francesca Stanguellini    S.I.M.B.    5:54’36.53
5. Barbara Ratti    ASD Pedale Vignatese     6:42’10.35