What will Tiger Woods divorce do for his skiing?

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on June 30, 2010 10:02 pm

The beautiful Swedish skier, Elin Nordegren gets hitched to the most famous athlete in the world.  They spend a ton of time skiing together at Jackson Hole and cliff huckers get to ride the lift with Tiger Woods.  The couple hits Vail and numerous other big ski resorts.  Then they buy a place a Jackson Hole.  Tiger vows to hit Corbits.  That couldn’t be the real story could it?  Well it was! Skiing is on top of the world!

But then…13 skankmonsters???  Say it isn’t so.  Well, the hefty lady has finally sung and it seems like Tiger and Elin are finally getting divorced.  Elin gets nearly a billion dollars, sole custody of the children and all she has to do is let Tiger weigh in on big decisions and not talk about his skanyhosteins.  Damn, where do you sign up for that gig?

The big loser?  Certainly possible that it is skiing.  Lets face it, he is one of the most recognizable stars in the world who companies have been willing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars just to cozy up to.  We had him for free!  All you peeps at Jackson…fix him up with a hottie from Wyoming ASAP!  Lynsey Dyer hop a flight.  Hannah Hardaway?  Start a free season pass for anyone who dates Tiger program.

According to spies at Jackson Hole, Tiger was a pretty smooth skier and had no problem taking down stuff well over his skill level every time he went out.  Lets hope all this stuff doesn’t impact his skiing!