Olympic skier Errol Kerr featured in Ski Channel original ‘Team of One’ this July

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 1, 2010 12:06 pm

The Ski Channel is slated to bring an amazing line-up of programming options to our on-demand television network this month, with content ranging everywhere from exciting travel shows such as “Destination Mammoth” to more great Warren Miller classics. However, the crown jewel of the new offerings has to be The Ski Channel original series such as Hans Versus the Volcano and the inspiring documentary of Errol Kerr and his Team of One.




Team of One covers the journey of Jamaican Ski Team athlete Errol Kerr in his quest to become one of the world’s top skier-x athletes. As the only member of the Jamaican Ski Team, Kerr recently finished in 9th place at both the 2010 Winter X Games and Winter Olympics. The 9th place finish at the Winter Olympics was the highest in history for a Caribbean-born athlete.

Team of One was shot in two parts, with the first half having already aired on The Ski Channel. However, this July, The Ski Channel will air Team of One Part II, during which our camera crews caught up with Errol as he vacations to his native Jamaica.

Watch as Errol meets the current Jamaican Bobsled Team (yes, it’s real) to discuss their similar paths, and how they can overcome the natural obstacles of participating in an Alpine sport in a Caribbean-based country. Errol and his coach Eric Holmer also take an exploratory run on the same mountain coaster the Jamaican team uses to train for their Olympic debut, where absolute hilarity ensues! Jamaican Bobsled Coach Thomas Wayne plays a classic prank on Errol and his coach that will leave your stomach hurting from so much laughter. From there, we find Kerr working to conquer his fear of water as he busts out the slalom water ski for the first time. The second half of Team of One wraps with a heartfelt interview featuring Errol and his mother as they discuss how far the skier has come over the years, and the preparations going into the Olympics. Check it out, only on the Ski Channel!