Throwback Fridays: Tom Wallisch skiing as a college freshman

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 2, 2010 11:49 am

I was inspired for this latest edition of “Throwback Fridays” after I, like every other rabid Level 1 Productions fan, was last night treated to the jaw-dropping skiing and filming depicted in the latest trailer for the company’s new movie Eye Trip. For those who haven’t seen the teaser yet, go here right now before you keep reading this article.

One of the more memorable moments from the trailer for me and presumably a lot of fans, was the hammer of a trick put down by the incredible jibber Tom Wallisch, as he spun a textbook 450 railslide onto a massive kinked rail in the early openings of the clip. Prior to unveiling the trick, Wallisch said, “270s are a little 2008, figure I’ll bring in the 2010 with a banger.” This bold statement got me thinking: not only has skiing as a whole been progressing at a stupidly fast rate, but Wallisch’s own talent is growing at a downright silly pace.


Let us not forget it was only in Fall 2006 that Wallisch ventured from the Steel City of Pittsurgh to the University of Utah campus. We all know what happened next, as the pretzel man proceeded to ski like a madman in his new surroundings, and the rest is ski history. With this mind, I would like to dig up Wallisch’s first promo edit that begin to hit the waves of Newschoolers in Spring 2007.