ESPY nominee Bobby Brown to compete in Momentum Ski Camps ‘Splashdown’ event tomorrow

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 5, 2010 5:45 pm

ESPY Awards nominee and X Games champion Bobby Brown will compete tomorrow at Momentum Ski Camps “Splashdown” event, this according to Momentum Ski Camps Twitter. Now, just like that, the competitive level of the event has grown substantially. How could it not? Brown was nearly untouchable in competition this season, and specifically dominated contests that lend to his impressive arsenal of aerial skills.

Brown joins an already deep field that includes such notables as Colby West, Ian Cosco, Chris Turpin, Justin Dorey and Mike Riddle.

The unique summer event calls for both professional skiers and campers alike to showcase their freestyle skills on the famous water ramps just off Blackcomb Mountain’s Base II Area. Canadian Olympic gold medalist Alex Bilodeau, along with modern ski Godfather Mike Douglas, will have the honor of as serving as judges to the high-flying trickery of some of North America’s best skiers.

Given the nature of the event, and rumored triples Bobby has apparently been throwing this season, this event could provide tremendous insight into what we’ll be seeing from top athletes next year on the competition circuit.