Shaun White considers haircut to fiery mane, Facebook fans revolt

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 6, 2010 9:05 am

Shaun White, still hobbled with his recent ankle injury, is apparently considering taking the ultimate plunge… a haircut.

The two-time Olympic Snowboard Gold Medalist created quite the firestorm of hair-inspired controversy last night as he posted the following photo to his Facebook page:

Photo: Shaun White Facebook Page – To end the crimson locks or not?

The response from Shaun’s fans was overwhelming, as nearly 2500 Facebook users seem to “Like” the idea of chopping the mane, but are opposed by the majority of the 3500 user comments that seem to favor preserving the tresses of the champion.

Personally, I tend to side with the offer of one Facebook fan known as Brandy Brandy Brandy who writes:

“Love your hair. You should just get a trim. I do hair, I can trim it for you!”

Worse comes to worst Shaun, if you do really chop your hair, maybe consider donating to Locks of Love or auctioning the hair for charity. Those curls could earn quite the pretty penny.