Ski Channel to showcase student films from Serac Adventure Film School this July

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 6, 2010 5:54 pm

Lately, we’ve been teasing devoted Ski Channel fans with some highlights from our upcoming batch of July programming, and today we’re pleased to announce another gem to the growing line up. In addition to Ski Channel original series such as Team of One or Hans Versus the Volcano, The Ski Channel is set to air some of the top student films created at the Serac Adventure Film Schools.

The Serac Adventure Film School is highly unique compared to traditional film schools, as it is free from the confines of studio film-making. Students learn on-the-fly in real world environments were the theoretical is waived in favor of the practical. Students of the Serac Adventure Film School will learn to deal with issues such as equipment meltdowns, changing weather, limited budget and time constraints; ensuring they leave with the confidence ready to execute their film-making strategies in even the most extreme of environments.

Headed by founder Michael Brown, an Emmy-award winning filmmaker with over 40 international film festival and industry awards, the school and its staff are ready to develop the latest hungry talent looking to produce top-notch programming.

In fact, the collective experience of the school’s instructors includes over 50 expeditions to all seven continents, more than 50 international film festival and industry awards, and five summits of Mt. Everest. How’s that for a resume?


AFS 2009 Trailer from Outside Adventure Film School on Vimeo.