Trailer Tuesday: Montana ski and snowboard crew drops teaser for ‘Come Find Us’

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 6, 2010 9:50 am

There was once a time when it was much more difficult for skiers and snowboarders not from places like Colorado, Whistler, or a known winter sports scene, to break into the collective conscious of the snowsports community. However, with the dawn of YouTube and the Internet age, anyone with the technical know-how to produce a quality video can turn heads from around the world. Such is the case with the Montana-based film crew, Toy Soldiers Productions, who recently dropped the trailer for their full length ski and snowboard film, “Come Find Us.”

Riders include: Shay Lee, Brock Paddock, Cody Perin, Shane Stalling, Parker White, Nate Falconer, Eric Gronneberg, Todd Kirby, Alex Adams, T.J. Andrews, Kevin Fischer, Zak Steele, Dan Darling, Carson Wiser, David Steele, Jess Gentner, Peter James Arneson, Robbie Moulton, David Daines, Danner Pickering, A.J. Meldahl, Myles Keating and more.

The film will be available for release during Fall 2010.

“Come Find Us” Official Trailer from Toy Soldier Productions on Vimeo.