Teton Gravity Research wants to ‘Light the Wick’ with new trailer

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 8, 2010 11:54 am

After teasing ski fans with ominous Twitter postings of “T-Minus 24 hours” and other hints, TGR has dropped the trailer for the follow-up title to last season’s Re:Session. For those already following us on our all new Ski Channel Facebook Page, you were treated to this clip nearly an hour ago; just another reason to join the ranks today.

TGR writes of the film:

“The award-winning producers at Teton Gravity Research (TGR) present their newest ski film, Light The Wick. Shot using film, HD and 3D technology, Light The Wick is about sparking the flame and watching the world’s best athletes blast off. This year, the TGR crew of athletes and cinematographers were on a mission to capture the most jaw dropping footage to date and give the viewer an experience like no other. This pursuit led the team around the world to uncharted destinations, as well as some of their favorite stomping grounds. Follow the crew as they discover the completely unskiied big mountain mecca of Petersburg, AK, find the best snow Croatia has seen in fifty years, ski deep pillows in Italy, hit full throttle riding in British Columbia, and epic free-riding at Ripley Creek and North Cascades Heli. Don’t miss Sammy Carlson and the Stevens Pass 3D experiment, the first ever 3D snow sports segment. The groundbreaking dual RED One slow motion aerial shots will make you want to reach out and touch the action. Light The Wick showcases the most talented and well-rounded athletes in the sport together in one must-see film.”