New television show ‘A$PEN, The Series’ releases trailer

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 9, 2010 7:48 am

Aspen, Colorado, America’s famed playground for the rich and famous, has seen its fair share of media exposure through television and film. From the tale of T.J. Burke struggling to adjust to Aspen social circles in the famous film Aspen Extreme, or last summer’s less than memorable VH1 reality series Secrets of Aspen, the entertainment offerings have been mostly mixed. Now, another Hollywood team of writers and producers is set to launch a new show along the vein of Entourage and Sex and the City, entitled A$PEN, The Series.

A$PEN, The Series follows Walter Montgomery, a middle-aged guy who made his fortune creating an energy drink with his family’s cranberry business and then lost it all. Walter’s super model girlfriend decides to give him a reality series for his 40th birthday gift that is to star six of their friends living on Red Mountain in Aspen. The eccentric characters range from his sexy Internet entrepreneur niece, MacyB, to Madison, a movie star just out of rehab, to Ducky, the trust fund baby and hardcore partier who also happens to be Walter’s best friend. Combine all these exciting characters with the beautiful scenes of Aspen, and the show will leaving you wanting more.

The writers for A$PEN, The Series are Lawrence H. Levy, WGA Award winning, two-time Emmy nominated “Seinfeld” writer, Stanley Wilson, Juilliard graduate and producer of “Down Periscope” and David Garber, writer and supervising producer for “Saved by the Bell”.