World Cup octopus predicts Spain victory, resulting in naked ski run by Iglesias

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 9, 2010 11:58 am

FIFA 2010

FIFA 2010, Photo: Wikimedia Commons


After one month, 62 matches, and the elimination of 30 teams, Spain and the Netherlands compete for the trophy in the final 2010 FIFA World Cup game on Sunday, July 11 in Johannesburg South Africa.

Only seven countries have ever won the World Cup, and on Sunday that number will increase to eight since the win will be a first for either team.  If Spain takes the title they will be the first team to win the cup after losing their very first match.  If the Netherlands win they will be the sixth team in tournament history to achieve the title with a perfect record.

Predictions for the final game?  Many are looking to Germany’s famous psychic octopus Paul, who has become an international celebrity for his 100% correct predictions so far in this year’s championship. 

Here’s a little background on our friend Paul.  Paul is famous in Germany for forecasting the results of their games correctly.  Paul has been casting his guesses since 2008, and although he made one mistake two years ago, he has had complete accuracy during this year’s World Cup, which has even caused some controversy among German fans.  When Paul’s prophecy was correct that Spain would beat Germany in the semi finals, he was put on the hit list with many die-hard German soccer fans that now want him to be served as calamari this weekend.  Because of the dangerous threats against Paul, he has been provided with complete protection and a private security agency has been given the responsibility of handing the famous squid’s full safety.

After being presented with two different containers filled with food that were lowered into his tank, one with each countries flag, Paul has chosen for Spain to take home this year’s World Cup title.  Not only are people’s hopes riding on Paul’s decision, this could be the sea serpent’s last chance to shine.  He is two and a half years old and with the average life expectancy of an octopus being three, Paul may not be around to see the next World Cup. 

It might seem silly for so many fans to believe in a “sea monster”, but Paul has actually set a trend with animal oracles.  A bird in India is now into the novelty, also choosing Spain to walk away with the title.

While some believe in Paul’s precise projections, others suspect that the rule “third times a charm” will hold true for the Netherlands, since this will be their third shot at the title.  We at The Ski Channel however, are rooting with Paul.  If Spain takes the title on Sunday, Enrique Iglesias will have to follow through with his promise to water ski naked in Florida, a feat that would be epic in the ski community. 


Lars Grant-West