ESPY nominee Bobby Brown wraps signature session at Camp of Champions

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 10, 2010 2:01 pm

Two-time Winter X Games 14 Gold Medalist and ESPY Awards nominee Bobby Brown recently hosted his signature session at Whistler-based Camp of Champions. Bobby and his buddies treated campers to “Send it With…” sessions where Bobby linked up with campers to session the same features up on the glacier.

Between ski sessions, Bobby and good friends Kolby Ward and Will Berman tried their skills at mountain biking in the beautiful Whistler Bike Park. Wasting no time, the boys quickly mastered yet another action sports, as they were soon hucking backflips onto the airbag,  and subsequently the dirt. Talented kids no doubt.

To get a recap of all the amazing session happenings, check out the edit below featuring:

Bobby Brown, Banks Gilberti, Kolby Ward, Eric Mehus, Bene Mayr, Paddy Graham, Finn Anderson, Joe Schuster, Sean Pettit, Max Hill, Chris Logan, Will Berman.

Filmed by Charlie Grinnell, Andy Hahn, Tyler Adams and Julian Marshall

The Camp of Champions – “Skiing Camp B 2010″ from Camp of Champions on Vimeo.