Spain takes World Cup title, Enrique Iglesias naked ski run to come

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 11, 2010 1:14 pm

After a month of dramatic matches, Spain and the Netherlands fought an epic final on Sunday, that would require extra time before Spain would cash in the only goal of the match for their first FIFA World Cup title.

Andres Iniesta goal would be the difference maker, and is sure to be one for the ages in Spain.

Only seven countries have ever won the World Cup, and Spain has become the eighth with the latest tournament. Adding to the historic win, Spain becomes the first team to win the cup after losing their first match in the tournament.

Of course, Spain had been predicted as the winner by Germany’s famous psychic octopus Paul, who was a perfect 100% in his predictions at this year’s World Cup from South Africa.

The Ski Channel could not be more excited by the outcome from Johannesburg, as now we will be treated to an epic ski-related feat. With Spain grabbing the World Cup title, singer and rabid Spain supporter, Enrique Iglesias, will now celebrate the win by water skiing naked in Florida.