Bonfire ‘Pipe to Pipe’ returns to its roots at Mt. Hood

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 12, 2010 10:37 am

The 13th Annual Bonfire Pipe to Pipe returned to its roots this past weekend, with a 15 foot half pipe, stocked full of creative jibs set up by the Windell’s dig crew. Bonfire’s Pipe to Pipe is the longest running summer snowboard event in the world and each year the Mt. Hood snowboard community gathers to watch the aspiring pro riders of tomorrow battle it out in the summer sun.

High Cascade Snowboard Camp (HCSC) Digger Brandon Hobush manhandled the course, earning first place. Everest Arnold Came in second and Bonfire and Salomon rider Sawyer Deen took third place in snow and rallied to the skate comp where he impressed the judges, making it into the Pro Finals.

Bode Merrill, Desiree Melancon, and Colin Langlois judged this batch of new Pro’s and Amateurs, which brought HCSC campers and Windell’s campers together for one memorable day.

Mackenzie Matters took first place in the women’s division. HCSC Digger Laura Rogoski came in second and Madison Blackley took third.

Photo by: Bonfire – A look at the trophies handed out

For Amateur boys, Frank Krab grabbed first, Chris Cloud took second and Oliver Dixon came in third.

On the skate side of things, Windell’s new all cement park, The Concrete Jungle, was the real star. Skaters traveled from all over the Northwest to skate this easy flowing park and get gnarly with airs and spins on the vert wall. For the Pro’s, former Pipe to Pipe Champion Willis Kimble took first with smooth style. Mason Merlino came in second and Rion Linderman earned crowd favorite and best trick with a 540 McTwist that helped put him in third place.

The Pro division may have been the grand finale of the event, but the skating that went beforehand was equally impressive. The Under 15 Amateurs reminded the crowd that age is just a number with an impressive showing by Jake Selover in first, Kent Callister in 2nd, and Travis Darling in 3rd.

The crew of girls that showed up from Seattle and Portland nonprofit Skate Like a Girl redefined the crowd’s ideas of what it means to be a girl skater these days. The impressive display of tricks set the bar higher than ever and inspired the younger generation hanging around the sidelines. Kristin Ebelinger took first, Charlotte Rhodes came down from HCSC to earn second and Jessie Haungs earned third place.