Mt. Bachelor promotes 2 longtime employees to increased roles

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 12, 2010 4:33 pm

Oregon ski resort Mt. Bachelor has announced the promotion of two longtime employees, Amy Ohran and Curtis Norsen. Amy Ohran, who had been Director of the Snow Sports School, will become Director of Staff Resources and Development, overseeing all aspects of the employment experience for the resort’s more than 700 employees. Curtis Norsen will expand his current role as leader of the Ski Patrol through the addition of risk management and safety awareness and education responsibilities for the entire company as Ski Patrol & Risk Manager.

Amy’s vast experience and knowledge working with all ages of guests and staff throughout her 19 years at Mt. Bachelor will make the transition into her new role virtually seamless as she cultivates connections between the mountain environment, staff and guests.

“I am ecstatic about the opportunity presented by this new position. I strongly identify with the initiatives I have been charged to carry out on behalf of our team and am excited to utilize my operations and guest services experience to support and guide the management and staff of Mt. Bachelor,” said Amy Ohran.

During his previous role as Ski Patrol Manager, Curtis Norsen managed the professional Ski Patrol staff, coordinated alignment with the volunteer Mt. Bachelor National Ski Patrol chapter, and was directly responsible for all aspects of mountain safety. Now in his 15th year working with Mt. Bachelor, Curtis’ new role as Ski Patrol and Risk Manager will include all his previous duties with the added taks of assessing and mitigating risk and safety concerns of every operating department and area of the company.

“As a patroller and patrol manager I have always been involved in the risk management side of Mt. Bachelor and I look forward to the opportunity to expand our safety and education programs at the mountain for our guest’s and all our employees,” said Curtis Norsen.

“We are very proud to see Amy and Curtis in new roles with expanded responsibilities. They both exemplify the positive attitude, dedication and commitment we value highly in our leaders at Mt. Bachelor. I’m eager to see their continued growth and development and where their new positions take them as individuals and Mt. Bachelor as an organization,” said Dave Rathbun, President and General Manager of Mt. Bachelor.