World Cup octopus to retire on top

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 12, 2010 5:39 pm

World Cup celebrity, Paul the octopus, whose tentacles correctly predicted the outcome of eight World Cup matches, including Spain’s 1-0 extra time win against the Netherlands in the final, is retiring on top.

The invertebrate who has sparked flashbacks to the days of Miss Cleo, will no longer offer the world any more of his psychic insights.

Tanja Munzig, a spokeswoman for the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, told AP Television News, “He won’t give any more oracle predictions – either in football, nor in politics, lifestyle or economy,” she said. “Paul will get back to his former job, namely making children laugh.”

To celebrate his perfect World Cup predictions, aquarium employees presented the octopus with a golden cup intended to mirror the official World Cup trophy given most recently to Spain.

One person who won’t be happy with Paul’s retirement is Enrque Iglesias, who bet the farm on Spain’s now-successful bid to win the World Cup. The Latin pop singer will now have to water ski in the buff in Florida, after promising to do so if his native country finally pulled off their first tournament win. Paul had to have been Spain’s good luck charm, and with him retiring, it’s clearly anyone’s game come Rio in 2014.