The Tahoe Project in running for $50K Pepsi ‘Refresh Everything’ grant

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 13, 2010 2:44 pm

Tahoe supporters are seemingly everywhere these days, as both locals and weekend warriors alike are often seen driving cars plastered with noticeable stickers voicing the need to ensure the future Lake Tahoe area remains just as beautiful as it is today.

One of the more forgotten ways that people can do their part, is simply through leading a sustainable lifestyle. However, if you were to ask a person how to do just that, you would probably end up with some confusion and a myriad of responses.

Thankfully, groups such as The Tahoe Project aim to educate the public on how to lead these sustainable lifestyles.

The Tahoe Project will strengthen the withstanding community by educating and implementing various projects throughout the local area. The work would begin with projects in the South Shore and ultimately throughout the Tahoe region. The diversity of projects range from building greenhouses in local schools, creating a high altitude cold seasoned seed bank, providing bikes and bike trailers, composting, implementing renewable energies such as solar and wind, providing reusable grocery bags, rain and snow catchments, providing education through classes such as Building 101, Yoga, Nutrition, Cooking, Plant Propagation, Worm Composting, and Cob Building. Skills and education are elements that will be passed on for generations.

However, in order to reach Tahoe residents with its noble mission, the group needs your help to make it happen.

The Tahoe Project ( has been approved to the final voting stage in Pepsi’s nationwide “Refresh Everything” contest; in which case the nation has until July 31, 2010 to vote for the project. The top 10 most-voted for projects will each receive a $50,000 grant to fund their efforts. This grant would initiate expansive efforts towards creating sustainable living practices within South Lake Tahoe.

“Tahoe as a community shares a common interest: the love for the mountains. Our distinct environment has qualities and characteristics in which people travel from all over the world to observe,” said project director Aria Benham. “Tahoe is a destination; a place to live, a place to visit, a place to love. The challenges of living in the mountains range from harsh winters to short summers, high altitudes, and frost in July; all of which make it hard for locals to lavish in edible gardens and year-round bike riding. The Tahoe Project will increase community involvement through: educational workshops, increasing education within the local school district, creating demonstration sites for hands on learning, and provide a community center where ideas, creativity and action connect and expand sustainable living within the Tahoe basin.”

To be awarded a $50,000 grant from Pepsi would be not only an honor, but one large leap forward for the future of Tahoe. Please vote today at Pepsi will simply ask for just your e-mail address, name and birth date, you can vote everyday and you’ll increase the chances of bringing funding directly to Tahoe, a town that vibes something unique, wonderful, and unexplainable. Make sure to alert your friends, and make this dream a reality.