Sun Valley Heritage & Ski Museum reopens

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 14, 2010 2:35 pm

The Heritage & Ski Museum will reopen tomorrow, July 15th, after months of renovation under the new museum director Megan Lengyel. The museum consists of three Forest Service buildings; two of the buildings display exhibits, while the other serves as a storage facility. Only the interior of the building was renovated, keeping the exterior in its original 1933 form. Lengyel’s renovations have transformed the one-room buildings into a new space by adding shifting walls, allowing for multiple rooms to be created within a short amount of time. She created smaller rooms because she wanted to museum-goers to have a more optimal viewing experience of the exhibitions.

While the museum houses over 2,000 objects, only a select few will be on display in the 12 exhibits showcasing the different aspects of Sun Valley and the surrounding areas. The exhibits include artifacts from Sun Valley’s skiing history, objects from the mining and ranching lifestyle of the early 1900s, and Native American artifacts found at Elkhorn Springs. Some highlights of the museum’s collection include Gretchn Fraser’s Olympic medals and sweater, and Ernest Hemingway’s typewriter. 

The museum’s Thursday opening will not only celebrate the grand reopening, but it will also mark its 15th anniversary.

Located in Ketchum’s Forest Service Park, at First Street and Washington Avenue, the Sun Valley museum will be open Monday through Friday from 12pm to 5pm and Saturday 1pm to 4pm.  The museum offers free admission, but donations are accepted.