Lake Tahoe bear robs resident of Red Bull supply

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 15, 2010 5:14 pm

A South Lake Tahoe resident has recently been the apparent victim of a burglary -  by a bear.

According to the Nevada Appeal, one picky Tahoe bear went straight for the prized goods on Marc Johnson’s porch, as the creature apparently snagged an entire case of Red Bull. According to Johnson, this wasn’t his first bear visit, but it was the first time a bear decided to rob him of his caffeinated beverages, which are quite expensive by the way.

Energy drink rival Monster Energy probably won’t be too happy to learn their parent company, Hansens, saw its line of Natural Sodas go unnoticed by the Red Bull-inclined bear.

The case reminds us that no matter how amusing it might be to imagine seeing a hyped up bear on Red Bull, that residents should avoid leaving food or beverages out for animals such as bears to access. By investing in a bear-proof container, you might save the life of an innocent bear, who would otherwise have to be put down.