Apple offers iPhone 4 owners free case for reception problem

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 16, 2010 11:11 am

Apple announced today they will offer iPhone 4 owners free cases to fix the reception issue that has been a subject of much controversy of late. People who already paid for a case, which reduces interference, will get a refund, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said during the presentation.

“We’re not perfect; phones aren’t perfect,” Jobs said. “We want to make all our users happy.”

The iPhone 4 broke Apple sales records after its recent release on June 24, and quickly sold out across many retailers nationwide.

The new smartphone has already sold more than 3 million units, Jobs said Friday.

The iPhone 4 recpetion problem comes from a particular spot on the metal band around the phone’s edge that leads to interference, causing the user to sometimes drop calls. The band, which houses the antenna, is a key part of the design that made the new iPhone 4 nearly 25 percent thinner than previous models.

The lodged complaints reached their peak on Monday, when Consumer Reports gave the phone a “can’t recommend” review after confirming the phone’s issue.

iPhone gamers hooked on Ski Channel game “Touch Ski 3D” will now see increased reception with their complimentary cases.