Enrique Iglesias stalls naked ski run, smooches fan on ‘Today’ Show

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 16, 2010 1:25 pm

Enrique Iglesias promised he would water ski naked across Florida’s Biscayne Bay if Spain won the World Cup. Unfortunately for his adoring fans, many of whom were licking their lips just thinking about the idea, the singer has been stalling in following through with the bet.

While Iglesias has been slow to honor his World Cup bet, that hasn’t stopped him from making other bold moves as of late. During an appearance this morning on NBC’s “Today Show,” the star took to the stage for a performance to promote his new album “Euphoria.” New York’s Rockefeller Center went nuts for Enrique’s performance, as during the concert he gave one female fan the shock of her life, as he laid a long smooch on her lips after pulling her on-stage for a personal serenade.

Prior to the kiss, Matt Lauer tried to pin down Enrique for a date with destiny,  but Enrique attempted to deflect the topic by saying, “Matt, you would look a lot better than me skiing naked.”

Touche Enrique, you’re “Today Show” attempts to distract the public from completing your nude ski pledge were a smart move, but the staff here at The Ski Channel aren’t fooled by an on stage make-out session. Ski soon, or forever hold your peace.

The much-talked about smooch:

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