Snowboard magazine ‘Method’ to be distributed for free

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 16, 2010 2:11 pm

Europe-based METHOD magazine, has announced plans to distribute their snowboard magazine free of charge. Citing a decline in print sales, the company believes they can increase advertising revenue through having issues freely available to the masses.

METHOD magazine CEO Rasmus Ostergaard said, “It’s very simple, over the past 5 years it’s become increasingly clear that newsstand sales are in steady decline. Sadly, our target audience simply doesn’t buy magazines anymore. We could continue working with the old paradigm or radically change our business model to adapt to the market’s new realities.”

Believing the magazine’s increased reach will convert into more sales for advertisers, and thus more ad sales for the magazine, METHOD will be leading the charge towards a new age of snowboard media. In addition to print copies, the METHOD website will offer a free digital version, something they hope will further increase advertising profits.

Ostergaard said, “Going free is a win-win situation for everyone – advertisers, retailers, readers, riders and photographers. From now on METHOD will be found where it counts most, namely core snowboard shops and other spots where snowboarders hang out. With a 100% pick-up rate as opposed to 30-40% sell-through rates* (*generally accepted as an industry standard), plus the digital version also offered for free on our site, we will hit more eyeballs than any other snowboard magazine in Europe, effectively increasing our advertisers’ reach in the process.”