Subaru Outback to offer Wi-Fi option for 2011 model

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 16, 2010 4:41 pm

Subaru’s relationship with skiers and boarders is pretty much the equivalent of chocolate and peanut butter, the two simply go together.  Besides sponsoring great ski events like the Subaru Freeskiing World Tour, the Japanese company’s ultra-reliable AWD systems are everywhere in ski towns as they allow drivers to effortlessly navigate even the snowiest of roads. While folks may vary in their opinions about which Subaru models they like best, the Outback has to be one of the most popular among the mountain community.

With that in mind, skiers who have dreamed of a car capable of telling them everything from the latest snow report to Simon Dumont’s newest Tweet, just found themselves another season to love the Outback.

For 2011, Subaru is set to introduce Wi-Fi connectivity to the company’s flagship cross-over SUV model with Autonet Mobile in-car Internet service. The new Subaru Mobile Internet system creates a Wi-Fi hotspot inside the Outback giving internet access to 10 or more users for up to 150 feet around the vehicle.

The 2011 Subaru Outback – Photo: Subaru

Operating on the 3G network and working with all Wi-Fi enabled devices, Subaru Mobile Internet provides users a safe, fully encrypted connection with download speeds averaging 400kbps-1.2mbps. This uninterrupted Wi-Fi capability is designed for passenger access while the Outback is in motion.

Subaru Mobile Internet easily allows users to check email, surf the web or listen to Internet radio and even stream video and post to social networking sites. Outback passengers can check weather and traffic, download hiking trails, and even reserve a campsite while they’re on the road. Multiple passengers can simultaneously use the Wi-Fi connection for their separate devices, including Wi-Fi capable laptop computers, netbooks, smart phones, game controllers, plus the new iPad and iPod Touch models.

The service can be added as a port or dealer-installed accessory to any 2011 Subaru Outback for a listed MSRP of $499, plus a $35 activation fee. A one-year subscription at $29 per month is required, and Subaru is including the first three months of service for free.

This latest option is just another reason to “Love a Subaru.”