Miami cops to Enrique: Cover up during ski run

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 17, 2010 12:43 pm

Before Enrique Iglesias has even planned his naked water-ski run, Miami cops have already issued a stern warning to the pop star: better cover up…or else!

Iglesias, has said he will honor his World Cup pledge — to water-ski naked in Florida’s Biscayne Bay if Spain won. But now it seems the local police have no desire to see the stunt take place, unlike some of Iglesias’ devout fans.

TMZ spoke to cops in Miami-Dade County, who say they’re prepared to crush the dreams of those hoping to catch a look at Iglesias skiing  in the buff. Officers told TMZ, “We enforce all laws here, regardless of what your status is in the Miami community.”

Like anything else in life, there’s always more fun to be had when a bit of risk is involved. Better work on those stealthy ski moves Enrique!