Norwegian ski movie producer Field Productions release ‘Side By Side’ trailer

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 26, 2010 12:06 pm

Norway-based ski filmmaker, Field Productions, have just released the trailer for their seventh ski movie production, “Side By Side.” The film, which features some of the industry’s most influential and diverse roster of athletes, was shot on location in exotic settings ranging from the fjords of Norway to the towering peaks of Haines, Alaska.

Field Productions became a household name in the ski world with jaw-dropping footage of massive tricks via heli shots, and this year looks no different. A teaser into what to expect may come from pro skier Jon Olsson as he says, “Five out of six guys are doing double 14s… I mean if anyone would have told me that last year I would’ve said you’re crazy because that’s not possible.”

Of course, a movie that features a jib king like Tom Wallisch will also be progressing the urban scene, but that’s not to say “Side By Side” is just a pure jibbers fantasy.

Not to be left out, expect more intense big mountain skiing from the steeps of Norway to AK as guys like FWT champion Henrik Windstedt and World Cup stud Aksel Lund Svindal are sure to dominate with their gnarly lines.

Shot on the RED One and other HD cameras by Jan Petter Aarskog, Espen Kristiansen, Even Sigstad and Filip Christensen; the film is sure to deliver a crisp, high quality experience,

As a viewer, you will get behind the movie set during the movie, with a feeling that you are presence on the location where the action goes down. Get closer to the drama, the reality, and the endless joy that skiing gives you.


Produced, directed and edited by: Filip Christensen

Co-directed and edited by: Jan Petter Aarskog and Even Sigstad.

Principal cinematography by: Jan Petter Aarskog, Espen Kristiansen, Even Sigstad and Filip Christensen.

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SIDE BY SIDE – FIELD PRODUCTIONS from Field Productions on Vimeo.