FIS Summer Splash: Aerialists Dylan Ferguson and Emily Cook take top honors

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 2, 2010 11:48 am

The 2010 FIS Summer Splash lit up the blue sky on Saturday at the Utah Olympic Park with U.S. Olympians Ryan St. Onge and Emily Cook joining the field for the open FIS event. The athletes competing participated in two events, the 2010 FIS Summer Splash and a head-to-head competition. US Freestyle Ski Team members Dylan Ferguson and Cook won the FIS contest, while Australia’s David Morris and Cook won the head-to-head. 

“It was a fun day,” said U.S. Aerials Coach Brian Currutt. “These guys were able to get some FIS points in the Summer Splash competition. It was a great event, we had some great jumps.” 

Ferguson, who is also a seasoned freestyle skier with the 4bi9 crew, and Cook took the top steps of the podium in the 2010 FIS Summer Splash. Landing behind Ferguson was teammate St. Onge in second and Australia’s Morris in third. Australians surrounded Cook on the podium with Danielle Scott and Laura Peel in second and third.

Once the official FIS business was complete, the real fun began with the head-to-head competition. Cook led the way for the women, beating Scott in the final round. Third place was awarded to Peel.

“I’m really excited to be back training with the Team and I’m especially excited to see so many of the young athletes competing so well today,” said Cook. “We had a bunch of new athletes on the double and tons of new tricks. I love jumping in the summer.” 

On the men’s side Dylan Appendicitis Ferguson, as he was announced to the crowd, was beat in the finals by Morris. Morris also took out St. Onge in the semi-finals. It was a U.S. Ski Team battle for third, with St.Onge and Matthew DePeters up against one another. St. Onge went on to knock DePeters into fourth.

“I love the summer course because everyone brings out their big guns,” said Morris. “It’s a fun day with no real pressure to perform well. The crowd was awesome, weather was perfect and commentary was good. It was great.”

2010 FIS Summer Sun Splash
Utah Olympic Park


1. Dylan Ferguson, Amesbury, MA, 235.44
2. Ryan St. Onge, Winter Park, CO, 233.96
3. David Morris, Australia, 222.96
4. Matthew DePeters, Hamburg, NY, 168.59
5. Clyde Getty Argentina, 142.37


1. Emily Cook, Belmont, MA, 174.63
2. Danielle Scott, Australia, 128.91
3. Laura Peel, Australia, 127.46
4. Jessica Mcilwraith, Australia, 111.59
5. Kendle Richards, Australia, 106.50