Baby boomers get new MBA degree on the slopes

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 3, 2010 1:54 pm

Bumps for Boomers, an innovative ski instruction program for Baby Boomers, announces the expansion of its clinic offerings for the 2010/2011 ski season. The New MBA (Master of Bumps Academy), features a different mountain for each of the three days of mogul ski lessons taking participants to Aspen Highlands, Snowmass and Aspen Mountain. Since 2003, Bumps for Boomers has successfully taught hundreds of Boomers how to ski moguls safely and effortlessly.

Bumps for Boomers unique approach is designed to accommodate slowing reflexes and hips and knees that can no longer pound a path down a mogul field. Techniques emphasize control, efficiency and safety. Joe Nevin, founder of Bumps for Boomers says, “We want to help people ski for life, and not just on the groomed runs they’ve skied for decades. Safety doesn’t have to equal boring. We’re having the time of our life effortlessly floating down every mogul field we can find.”

The Baby Boom generation continues to be the largest demographic for the North American skiing industry and Bumps for Boomers is the only mogul and powder skiing program in North America that is designed by Baby Boomers, for Boomers and taught by Boomers. According to Nevin, “We have clients who have taken our program multiple times and we wanted to offer them some new challenges and expand their learning.”



According to national Baby Boomer marketing expert, John W. Martin, co-author of “Boomer Consumer” and CEO of the Boomer Project, more companies are tapping into the 76 million Baby Boomer market by aligning themselves with Baby Boomer’s core generational values – being in control, feeling entitled, realizing personal gratification from hard work, challenging the status quo, etc. Martin says, “The Bumps for Boomers MBA program is a great example of tapping into these values.”

Martin explains, “The Bumps for Boomers MBA program puts conquering what may initially seem like a difficult hill or age-inappropriate ski run within Boomers’ easy reach by giving them what they crave – a way to be in control and experience immediate rewards – personal gratification – for their work. Throw in the benefit of challenging the status quo – the traditional mindset of skiing is for the youth, and it’s no wonder more and more Boomers are turning skiing into an ageless pursuit.”

Another popular MBA degree? Nevin says, “So many of us Boomers worked hard in our 20′s to get our MBA so we could succeed at our careers. Now it’s time to put that same energy into something we really love, an MBA in skiing. I have the greatest job in the world,” states Nevin. “Every day clients tell me that our program changed their lives. Sure it’s about the skiing, but it’s about so much more.”

The clinics will be offered twice during the 2010/11 ski season. The cost for the three-day clinic is $897 (not including lift tickets unless a combined clinic and lift ticket package is purchased). In addition to the MBA program, three and four-day clinics are offered from November 2010 through March 2011. In addition to the ski program, they also offer ski enthusiasts complimentary weekly skiing tips, and an online ski fitness training program developed by Bill Fabrocini, a world-class Aspen, Colorado physical therapist and personal trainer.

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