Boy Scouts welcome Olympian Shaun White to jamboree

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 4, 2010 9:15 am

Fresh off his recent silver medal at X Games 16, Shaun White appeared at the National Boy Scout Jamboree on Tuesday in Virginia, where he met with Scouts, signed autographs, and answered questions from the crowd.

Clark Howell, a 14-year-old scout from Waco, Texas, camped out next to the front of the line for White’s appearance hoping to get a glimpse of White’s arrival. His dedication would pay off, as he was rewarded with not only an autographed photo, but also earned the right to stand next to his snowboard hero, reported

After White’s address to the Scouts, the two-time Olympic champion witnessed several Scouts try their luck on the  nearby mountain boarding run, a hybrid between off-road skateboarding and snowboarding.

White will next move on to Portland, OR for his next skateboard contest at the Portland Dew Tour stop.