4.0 to 5.5-magnitude earthquake likely for Mammoth Mountain in coming days

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 9, 2010 3:02 pm

Southern California’s favorite ski town, Mammoth Mountain, could be the site of a moderate earthquake within the next 55 hours.

That’s the report coming from Quake Prediction, which lists Mammoth as a strong candidate to see an earthquake ranging from as little as 4.0 to as big as 5.5.

Earthquake Risk Level: Aug 09 – 64%
Earthquake Risk Level: Aug 10 – 67%
Earthquake Risk Level: Aug 11 – 63%

Should Mammoth be affected by an earthquake in the next few days, they would be the latest on a growing list of ski towns to feel a jolt this summer, as Jackson, WY recently experienced a 4.8-magnitude moderate tremor last week.

For Mammoth residents, it’s probably a good idea to review basic earthquake protocol and stock up on some essentials from Vons.

To learn more about Mammoth’s geological makeup, be sure to check out the Mammoth Lakes Visitor Center, where guests can check out various books, fault maps, and learn more information about the local volcanic caldera and the warnings about volcanic hazards that still exist.