Breaking news – Deer Valley CEO, Bob Wheaton missing

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 9, 2010 11:12 am

We are supposed to be a news service.  In this particular situation, we are going to be carrying a lot of bias.  Deer Valley, CEO Bob Wheaton went missing yesterday after a horseback ride near his home in the Uinta Mountains.  He supposedly was riding alone and left from the Highline Trailhead where his trailer was found.

Wheaton is one of the most beloved people in the ski industry and one of its central influencers.  From the perspective of The Ski Channel, he is one of the most forward thinking, honest wonderful people in the business.

Wheaton is an avid outdoorsman and avid skier who actively engages in his business:




“All we can do is pray that they find Bob and we will have something to blow him crap about for 20 years,” said Steve Bellamy CEO of The Ski Channel.  “Bob is one of the most wonderful guys I have ever met in my lifetime.  He is the best of the best of the best at virtually everything he does.  I am going to remain positive that there is a fluke reason for this and that he is fine.  They don’t get much smarter than Bob, I can’t imagine that he left much to chance.”

Search and rescue are out in full force right now including some members who work for the Deer Valley Ski Resort.  The Ski Channel will be covering this until he is found.