Metal, boxes, and rails mark arrival of new Crystal Mountain jib park

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 9, 2010 8:11 am

To park or not to park that is the question?

Ski resorts worldwide have debated for years on their views of installing terrain parks, with some choosing to make it a distinct part of terrain offerings, while some resorts completely shun the idea all together. Crystal Mountain has always been a ski area that has adopted the later view by featuring no terrain park options. Some guests loved it while others hated it.

However, Crystal may have found a way to appease both sides, given the recent announcement the Washington state resort will be opening a jib-only terrain park (no jumps). The new jib park will be open at Washington’s Crystal Mountain ski area this winter, in addition to the new gondola that is currently under construction.

The Sasquatch Jib Park will contain over 30 rails, boxes and other features like culverts and oil drums upon which to spin, grind and glide. The features’ difficulty levels will range from beginning to advanced.

Washington native Josh-Paul Sokolowski is leading the design, installation and management of the park, bringing experience from terrain parks in Park City, Utah, and New Zealand. Sokolowski, who first worked at Crystal as a teenager, used to write letters to Crystal’s ownership asking for a park.

“To be back at my home mountain building a completely new and fresh park is literally a childhood dream come true,” said Sokolowski.

The park will take up nearly all of Mr. Magoo, a run that flows directly underneath the ski resort’s Forest Queen chairlift. It is will open this winter, along with the new gondola.

“We’ve always been known for our natural and challenging terrain, and for our size of course. But we felt something was lacking. So in an effort to make Crystal even more diverse and appeal to a younger demographic we decided it was time to build a park,” said Tiana Enger, Marketing Director for Crystal Mountain.