Timberline Lodge, Oregon: New chairlift-operated mountain bike park proposal for 2011

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 9, 2010 12:25 pm

Photo from Flickr at Timberline Lodge Mount Hood

Timberline Lodge, Oregon-

Timberline Lodge Ski Area has pitched a plan to build a downhill mountain biking trail park, which would be covered by 15 miles of chair-lift access, as well as contain a large skills training park as well. If planning and organizing is carried out as it should, the park will be built and ready to ride by 2011.

This park will be open to bike riders of all skill levels, however the beginner and intermediate trails will be the main attractions for most riders. Technical trails as well as single tracks will cover the area for riders to have the options for any kind of terrain they desire. The skills park will consist of jumps, twisty turns, seesaws, bridges, boardwalks and ramps.

The new park will most likely be an instant hit for an area with so many people who enjoy bicycle riding and other outdoor exercise. Actually it’s a statistical fact that more people ride bikes in the city of Portland, than in any other city in the country.

While mountain biking is naturally a very popular recreational sport, there are very few designated mountain biking areas in or near the city of Portland that operate with lift-access to the different trails.

This new bike park isn’t sparking smiles all over Oregon, however. Because mountain bikers in Oregon have often made their own trails to ride on, the illegal dirt routes they create are believed to be damaging certain areas of Oregon’s public lands.

In addition, local environmentalist groups are concerned about the fragile surrounding alpine terrain. They are also worried about the effects that the increase in traffic could bring to the further erosion of Still Creek (Steelhead and Coho Salmon fishing).

The US Forest Service has begun their analysis in order to prevent any negative environmental impacts this new park may bring to the surrounding area.

This downhill bike park will open the doors for a yearlong recreational destination at Timberline Lodge. The park will also create new jobs for the winter-season staff facility, by creating the need for a full-time trail maintenance crew, as well as the bike patrol to keep the park positive and safe.

For more information, visit TimberlineLodge.com