Man attempts to ski 2 million vertical feet in a year

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 13, 2010 9:36 am

34-year-old Canadian ski mountaineer Greg Hill is embarking on a mission that no man has ever achieved or even attempted before.  This mission tests his human potential, pushes his body to its limits and is the most enormous goal he’s ever pursued.  If Greg successfully completes the tremendous accomplishment of climbing two million vertical feet and then skiing back down, he will be writing history. 

Greg’s year adventure spans from Alaska to Chile and not only pushes his physical and mental capabilities, but tests his survival skills on the steep, powder coated mountains where he is risking his life to perform the impossible.

To try and put this into perspective, climbing two million feet is equivalent to 36 trips up and down Mt. Everest.  If you’re not familiar with the massive feat that is Everest, I’ll also put it this way.  Greg’s excursion is comparable to taking the stairs to the top of the Empire State Building four times a day, every day, for one year.  No matter how you cut it, Greg has an extraordinary task ahead of him that would be unbelievable to overcome. 

Greg will average approximately 5,500 feet a day and not only will he be encountering dangerous situations and putting his body through the ringer by living in extreme backcountry conditions, he will be documenting his experience with a five pound HD camera as he updates his trips through blogs and video posts.

Greg has been able to spend time with his wife Tracey, 4 year-old daughter Charley and 3 year-old son Aiden during his trip, but is also focused on keeping the end goal in mind.

With 225 days under his belt, Greg has over one million feet down and less than a million to go.  His exceptional passion, determination and persistence will help bring him to the end of this epic undertaking. 

To follow Greg on his incredible adventure, visit or for all of his updates.