Ski resort sleepover: High winds close Mt. Hutt, trap 1000 guests

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 13, 2010 9:31 am

Over 1000 skiers and snowboarders were trapped on Thursday at New Zealand ski resort, Mt. Hutt, as an unpredictable storm brought winds in excess of 120 mph, effectively shuttering the mountain.

The access road to the resort was subsequently forced to closed, stranding a large group of resort visitors.

Resort staff worked hard to assist the guests, who spent the night in the restaurant and base buildings. Local media reports said the feedback from stranded skiers has been fantastic, and visitors were nothing but thankful for the coordination and efficiency of management in their efforts to protect their safety. Staff served free breakfast to the unplanned over-nighters, and offered other impromptu food choices during their stay.

When wind speed calmed to a safe level on Friday morning, Mt Hutt staff started shuttling guests back down the mountain. All skiers were brought to the base of the access road by midday Friday.