Ski resort technology: The Canyons announce first heated seat chairlift in U.S.

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 19, 2010 4:30 pm

In anticipation of the upcoming ski season, The Canyons ski resort has announced the launch of one of the most technologically advanced chairlifts in the world – a bubble enclosed quad lift that offers unmatched visibility, safety, and design including sophisticated comforts such as heated seats. The weather protecting orange bubble will evoke the feeling of being inside a pair of ski goggles as it transfers guests from the steps of the Grand Summit Hotel to the mid-mountain Lookout Peak before continuing uphill to an ending point just south of the current Sun Peak lift. The new lift will be a visually stunning addition to Canyons and will increase the uphill capacity from base-mountain by a staggering 47%. Most importantly, the new lift will allow skiers to get to the very top of the mountain in just nine minutes – a far more timely, simple and elegant fashion than ever before.

Other notable additions:

New Direct Gondola Connection from the Center of Canyons Village – First Phase of Village Re-Creation

A new gondola portal has been created, located immediately across the village center from the Cabriolet Lift, it will create a direct-connect gondola that transports guests from the center of the village to the Red Pine Lodge. This will provide a far more simple and fluid process for transporting guests onto and off of the mountain. In addition, the gondola cabins will be upgraded.

300 Acres of New Skiable Terrain / Iron Mountain Lift

Utah’s largest resort is getting even larger and more exciting. The southern-most part of Canyons will see the construction of another new detachable quad lift, which will provide guests with access to an additional 300 acres of northwestern facing skiing and snowboarding terrain. Ten runs, ranging from intermediate to expert to gladed tree skiing will bring the total number of runs to an impressive 176. Timberline Lift will allow guests to ride in either direction and provide easy access to the south side of Canyons. This will allow guest to move around the mountain more easily.

New Snowmaking Enhancements

In addition to Canyons’ almost 400 natural inches of some of the best snow on earth and existing snowmaking capabilities, Canyons is constructing a 20 million gallon reservoir to ensure a consistent skiing and riding surface particularly in the early and late stages of the season. The reservoir and additional infrastructure investments will more than double The Canyons already significant snow making capabilities.

Canyons Ski Beach

The Ski Beach, located between the base terminal of the new direct-connect gondola and the new high speed, state-of-the-art quad lift, will become a gathering place for the beginning and end of the day. Along with Talisker’s award winning culinary team, Canyons will provide guests the ability to enjoy everything from breakfast to an après ski cocktail in a truly beautiful and breathtaking setting viewing up the mountainside. The Ski Beach will also prove to be a wonderful setting for concerts and other cultural events year round.