Pro snowboarder Kevin Pearce talks recovery, future snowboarding plans on ‘Today Show’

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 23, 2010 11:16 am

Snowboarder Kevin Pearce and his mother Pia made a follow-up appearance on the “Today Show” this morning to discuss his ongoing recovery from a devastating brain injury this past December.

After nearly 8 months of grueling rehab and therapy, Pearce has made nothing short of an amazing recovery. While not 100%, Pearce has come a long way from that fateful day in Park City where he suffered severe head trauma on a double cork attempt gone array in the halfpipe. Pearce said his reaction time and vision is not what it once was, but plans to continue muscular exercises to better his eyesight.

The interview with Matt Lauer really strikes a chord for any snow sports athlete who has ever worried about or suffered a severe injury doing something they love. For those who have been wondering whether Kevin Pearce ever planned to strap on a board ever again, a definitive answer finally came out from not only Kevin, but his mother.

“Oh yes,” said Pearce. “I’m very lucky and excited that I am able to get back on a snowboard, just because of the shape I was in seven months ago — you saw from that photo that I was practically dead.”

“I’ve had anxiety before, and I guess I’ll have probably some anxiety again,” answered Pia Pearce, “but I feel like it’s Kevin’s life, and he needs to be able to make his own choices and we’re here to support him.”

No time table was given for when we might expect this triumphant return.


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