Governor Schwarzenegger to decide on ski helmet laws, bills pass CA Senate

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 25, 2010 3:55 pm

Could the “Governator” be the one to ultimately mandate ski helmet use among California youth? That idea became more realistic today as the California State Senate passed along two different ski safety bills to the desk of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that if signed would have far-reaching effects on California ski resorts, parents, and young skiers.

California senators voted 22-11 on Wednesday in favor of SB880, a bill that would require all skiers and snowboarders under age 18 to wear a helmet while engaging in snow sport activities. Violations of the proposed law would result in fines of no more than $25 to the minor’s parents.

Additionally, the State Assembly passed AB1652 by a margin of 51-22. AB1652 would mandate ski resorts to prepare annual safety plans for the state.

“California’s ski slopes are perhaps the last area of recreation where we do not have basic safety standards in place for children,” said Sponsoring Senator Leland Yee in a prepared statement.”

Schwarzenegger would not exactly find himself in unfamiliar territory in deciding on a ski related bill, as the Hollywood actor turned politician has frequently been snapped enjoying the snowy slopes of California ski resorts such as Mammoth Mountain, one of the very same ski spots that would be subject to the proposed safety regulations. For the record, Schwarzenegger has largely been spotted without a helmet during his ski outings.

As previously reported, the idea has already caught on in other states as New Jersey voted this week to pass a nearly identical ski helmet bill by an overwhelming vote of 33-2. That bill now heads to the State Assembly.


Picture left: Schwarzenegger skiing sans helmet could provide insight on his views towards the proposed ski helmet law in California.