August blizzard: La Nina dumps 3″ of snow on Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor ski area

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 31, 2010 3:04 pm

Try to keep telling yourself it’s August

For months, weather forecasters have been tracking a strengthening La Nina weather system developing in the Pacific Ocean. Using sophisticated sea surface temperature charts to map its progress, scientists predicted a La Nina appearance in Winter 2010-11 would bring warmer than normal winter temperatures in the Southeast, and cooler than normal weather in the Northwest.

While science can be extremely helpful, it’s downright confusing to the public at times. Sometimes it’s just easier when the evidence flat out smacks you across the face as it did yesterday at Mt. Bachelor, where anyone with a set of working eyes could tell this La Nina thing is the real deal. The Oregon-based ski resort got absolutely pummeled with a rare August blizzard that brought white out conditions and blanketed the mountain with  3″ of fresh powder.

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Pretty sure the snowman wasn’t the only one smiling after the unexpected snowfall

The freak snow storm served as a fitting welcome for at least one new Mt. Bachelor employee, who was clearly making the most of his new office digs by participating in some snowy activities.

Mt. Bachelor’s new Director of Marketing and Communications, Andy Goggins said, “Yesterday we had big fat quarter sized flakes and in no time we were making snowmen and throwing snow balls. Needless to say, we are expecting a huge winter now as this is the earliest snowfall Mt. Bachelor has seen in a long time.”

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Yes, the snow gods heard you loud and clear

Clearly those scientists may have finally perfected their fancy forecasting methods as Mt. Bachelor and the Northwest seem to have the early leg up on ski resorts around the country.

“From what I’ve seen and heard in the industry, this is the first early snowfall in the United States that really has had an accumulation,” said Googins.

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Time to go back to work guys

Judging from these photos it looks like the Pacific Northwest is going to be a dog-gone good time this winter at Mt. Bachelor. It’s safe to say after this storm it’s okay to start waxing those skis, reading those buyer’s guides, and doing those snow dances!

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