Camp Woodward: Action sports powerhouse announces entry into high school education

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 15, 2010 3:56 pm

When someone hears the name Woodward they usually think one of three things: A famous Watergate scandal reporter; Heather Locklear’s character on Melrose Place; or in our case – a collection of the world’s largest action sports camps.

Woodward Camps have become synonymous with the phrase “action sports powerhouse” over the years, serving some of the world’s top X Games and Olympic athletes each and every summer for the last 40 years. However, Woodward isn’t content to shape the next generation of action sports elite through just summer camps; the company has announced they will open a fully accredited high school on the Woodward West campus in Tehachapi, California. The new co-educational boarding program will center around an online curriculum built on core, college-prep academics, digital media as well as the athletic components that have made Woodward a leader in the action sports.

“Woodward U has been a part of the Woodward vision for a long time. We finally have the opportunity to launch The Woodward Experience into the academic setting,” said Gary Ream, president of Camp Woodward.

Woodward U is an evolutionary step merging a hybrid educational model, the arts, and athletics in an inspired environment to serve students who need more than the traditional classroom experience. Woodward U combines online courses with hands-on experiential learning and access to the Woodward action sports and digital arts facilities. Balancing the camp world Woodward is famous for and the boarding school platform of an inspired student body is a natural progression for the Woodward Family. The unique learning experience will provide an environment of inspiration, encouragement and empowerment, all designed around the student individual needs.

Imagine doing your P.E. classes here…

Woodward U will begin with a boarding program at the Woodward West campus. The Woodward U programs will ultimately include a winter tutorial program at Woodward Copper in Colorado; a semester-abroad program will provide students an opportunity to study at Woodward Beijing; and Woodward Everywhere will allow students to take Woodward U courses remotely with periodic visits to Woodward facilities to ensure a tie-in to The Woodward Family and Woodward U community.

Woodward U is now accepting applications. Whether you are an aspiring Snowboarder, BMX rider, Skateboarder, Photographer, Film-maker, Musician, Artist or someone interested in all of these things, Woodward U is the place to refine your skills while getting a high quality college-prep education. The student body will be filled with self-motivated, creative and independent youth whom aspire to accomplish much more than a standard educational model can provide.

For more information about Woodward U, please visit or call 661-750-2126.