Ski history on weather hold: Jon Olsson eyes triple cork 1440 at New Zealand ski area

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 15, 2010 6:41 pm

Swedish ski star Jon Olsson is mad – a rare occurrence for a guy who regularly drives a Lamborghini, dates a blonde Swedish babe, holds a laundry list of major sponsors, and is one of the best overall skiers in the world. No, Jon Olsson is mad because weather in New Zealand isn’t cooperating with the dual ski race/freeski threat and his plans to further take over the ski world.

Last week, Olsson finally drew a favorable bib number that would have put him near the top of the start order in his last scheduled GS race of the summer; the event was subsequently cancelled. The news was especially disappointing for Olsson, who won the biggest race of his career last month at the NZ National Championship GS, and was ready to parlay this recent success into an even better FIS world ranking with a strong finish.

Photo above: No one wants to come up short on a jump of this size – Credit: Treble Cone

However, never one to get too down in the dumps, Olsson still plans to end his New Zealand ski summer on a high note – literally. The Swede is working with New Zealand’s Treble Cone ski area to construct a kicker that can only be described as a behemoth. Olsson, along with the Treble Cone park crew, has been meticulously shaping the giant jump for days. The man responsible for creating the over-the-top features at the Jon Olsson Super Sessions wants to make sure this jump is absolutely perfect as it has a special purpose -  to land a triple cork 1440, a move that would likely be the first of its kind.

Unfortunately, weather has once again been uncooperative in New Zealand for Olsson. While today’s skies were clear and bluebird, the cold new snow was very slow, forcing the team to postpone the jump until the next break in the weather. Given the more than 80 foot gap from takeoff to landing, the thought of failing to make the jump and crashing into the vertical wall of ice was off putting enough to warrant delaying the jump session.

More worrisome for Olsson is that inclement weather is expected to linger for the next several days, right up until the Swede is scheduled to leave New Zealand next Wednesday, September 22nd. And with Olsson’s Red Bull Skiing teammate, Russ Henshaw, looking to stomp the elusive triple cork 1440 in neighboring Australia, it might just come down to which skier gets the better weather and the bragging rights.

Keep checking back for more updates as Olsson looks to make history.