Get a ‘Firsthand’ look at new North Face skier Tom Wallisch

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 24, 2010 10:42 am

Fresh off his signing with The North Face to spearhead their new park and pipe collection, Tom Wallisch is set to further grow his claim as skiing’s hottest star.

Last month, Wallisch was featured on Fuel TV’s series “Firsthand” as the first skier ever cast for the show. To watch the episode, viewers either had to catch a viewing on the cable network or purchase it through iTunes – until now.

Hulu has just been blessed with the addition of the Wallisch episode to its archives, so now the public can enjoy the show for free, provided they can sit through a couple of quick ads. Not a bad trade-off to watch the exploits of the Pittsburgh-native as he heads to Finland to shoot with Level 1 Productions, returns to University of Utah and the 4bi9 house, and flies home for the Tom Wallisch Memorial Day Rail Jam at Wisp Mountain.

Check it out: