Swiss freestyle ski star Ambuhl signs with Sweet Protection and Yniq, launches video blog

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 27, 2010 5:53 pm

After a successful 2009-10 season that saw him earn a bronze medal at the Winter X Games 14 Ski Big Air and a spot at the Jon Olsson Super Sessions, Elias Ambuhl looked to open a new year of competition this weekend with a strong performance in front of his hometown during the Zurich. While Ambuhl couldn’t take top honors, settling for a 2nd place finish behind Henrik Harlaut is nothing to feel sorry about.

Besides showing off his dazzling ski talent at, there were a few other reasons the ski world was abuzz over Ambuhl at the event; the Swiss skier was sporting some noticeably different equipment during the contest. Rumors had been swirling for weeks that Ambuhl had joined Sweet Protection, and now the news has been confirmed; Elias Ambuhl has signed with Sweet Protection as his new outerwear and helmet sponsor.

While Ambhul’s deal with Sweet may not be too surprising for those wondering who would fill the void given the departure of Tom Wallisch to The North Face (Wallisch still remains with Sweet as his helmet sponsor), perhaps the biggest news out of Zurich was the eyewear, or more specifically, the goggles Ambuhl wore en route to claiming the runner-up spot. Ambuhl has also been announced as the latest skier to join Yniq, the new eyewear company developed by Swedish skier Jon Olsson.

In fact, it appears Ambuhl has already been taking marketing lessons from the Swedish ski mogul, creating synergy between his new eyewear sponsor and his new trick. Dubbed the ‘Yniq’ grab, Ambuhl  unveiled a modified octo-grab, consisting of a double true nose grab while crossing the tips of his skis.

Taking another page out of the Jon Olsson playbook, Ambuhl has also launched his own take on the video blog, entitled Elias Ambuhl TV. The first two episodes of Elias Ambuhl TV are available now.

Episode 1:

Elias Ambühl TV Episode 1.1 from sämi ortlieb on Vimeo.

Episode 2:

Elias Ambühl TV Episode 1.2 from sämi ortlieb on Vimeo

For future episodes, be sure to check out Elias’ official Facebook page at