Ski resort going green: Taos purchases carbon offsets, fuel efficient snow equipment

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 29, 2010 12:14 pm

The ski industry has made going green and implementing more eco-friendly practices a priority over recent years. The current effects are well-documented, with ski areas literally vanishing in front of a skiers’ eyes over a lifetime, causing the industry to champion for change. Besides creating new resort positions such as a vice president of sustainability, ski resorts are also making numerous capital investments that work to complement their environmental initiatives.

New Mexico’s Taos Ski Valley, a resort that has been long known for its commitment to conservation measures, has taken additional “green” steps entering the 2010-2011 ski and snowboard season. Most significantly, Taos Ski Valley will help lower the impact of 100 percent of its energy usage through carbon offsets purchased from Renewable Choice Energy, one of the country’s leading providers of energy and environmental solutions for businesses and consumers.

Secondly, Taos Ski Valley has purchased new snow-cats and snowmobiles that are significantly more fuel-efficient and quiet than traditional machines to reduce the Valley’s carbon footprint on an operational level. As an added bonus, this new equipment will cut down on noise pollution in the mountain’s natural ecosystem.

“We make these decisions because it’s our way of life here,” said Adriana Blake, Administrative Manager. “When you live in an environment as beautiful as Taos Ski Valley, you can’t help but understand how important it is to reduce energy usage and do your part in cutting carbon emissions.”

Along with the five million kilowatt hours of energy offsets and the cleaner, more fuel-efficient snow machines, Taos Ski Valley also has a significant recycling program in place for residents and tourists. It has reduced its consumption of water bottles by encouraging skiers and snowboarders to bring their own reusable water bottles. This season, in an effort to continue to reduce plastic waste, the Valley will be selling water in recyclable cardboard boxes, similar to juice boxes.

“I can’t think of anything more important than saving the natural landscape that is our home,” added Blake. “I hope that our skiing and snowboarding visitors this year will rally behind these eco-friendly measures and help us keep Taos Ski Valley green.”