Mountain High introduces new top to bottom terrain park at East Resort

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 5, 2010 8:39 am

Mountain High has long been a hub for freestyle snowboarding and skiing. Now, with winter just a calendar-flip away, the Southern California resort is set to launch its newest and longest terrain park ever at the East Resort. 1.6 miles of continuously flowing terrain will make this new park one of the most sought-after on the West Coast, and give visitors two great areas to choose from.

Says John McColly, Director of Marketing, “The goal is to create a world-class terrain park at East, making use of the perfectly-groomed slopes and spreading out the traffic between East and West to create a better experience for all guests, park-oriented or not.”

Mountain High’s West Resort has dominated its park scene since the mid 90′s but the East Resort is actually better suited for terrain. Its runs are longer, the trails are more spread out, and Goldrush’s gradual pitch is perfect for features of all shapes and sizes. Mountain High will capitalize on this by offering a brand new park with features and variations that have never before been seen. There will be a mixture of both big and small elements including banks, hips, jibs, and jumps. There will also be a second learn-to-ride zone at the top of East built solely for beginners. This area will be filled with lower-level features including plenty of fun banks and rollers, and a small BoarderCross course.

Says Justin Montoya, Terrain and Snow Surfaces Manager, “The East Resort is a blank canvas with big, wide runs that lend themselves perfectly to long lines of flowing terrain features. This is something brand new for Southern California.”

To create the best park possible, Mountain High spent the entire 2009-10 season testing the terrain, establishing features & locations, and fielding suggestions from its guests. The new park incorporates these lessons and blends itself with the natural contours of the mountain to create a spectacular top-to-bottom run that is exhilarating but compliments the terrific alpine experience the East Resort is famous for. Overall the program will better distribute guests between East and West, give freestyle riders and exciting new park to ride, and showcase the sheer amount of terrain Mountain High has to offer.

At the West Resort the park crew has been busy polishing existing jibs and fabricating new ones. Two stand-outs are a new stair feature in the Playground and a “Pipe” jib designed and sponsored by Skullcandy. The stairs will come in either a 20 or 30 foot version and employ removable footings so rails can easily be interchanged. This lets Mountain High vary the difficulty of the features and create customized set-ups for events and photo shoots.

Mimicking Skullcandy’s iPod docking station labeled the “Pipe,” this new jib comes complete with built-in speakers and a removable DJ booth so riders can not only hit the feature but be entertained as they do so. Skullcandy DJs will make regular appearances at the resort this year, providing audible excitement for both competitions and the general public alike.