Skier on quest to ski 4 million vertical feet helps close New Zealand ski season

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 5, 2010 4:10 pm

An attempt to ski approximately four million vertical feet around the world saw Canadian skier, Stephanie Jagger, 29, descend this month on New Zealand’s largest ski region, Lake Wanaka, to help achieve her goal.

Jagger skied both Cardrona and Treble Cone as the two ski areas begin to wrap what has been a successful ski season.

“Cardrona was brilliant because it had something for everybody which is rare in a resort. It had park/pipe, race areas, some fluffy stuff, steep chutes – something for a beginner and an expert and in between. I also managed to ski over 40,000 vertical feet there which makes me happier than a clam!” said Jagger.

“Treble Cone… this sums New Zealand up for me: the people. The first day up there a guy in the parking lot noticed my fat skis and said, ‘Hey, wanna ride?’ I gave a ride down the hill to a ski instructor and the next day was asked if I wanted his girlfriend to show me the mountain and hey, do you need a place to stay? TC and the people in Wanaka are true salt of the earth. Loved it! Now, the terrain has to be mentioned as well. Fabulous unique natural halpipes and chutes. I skied 49,980 vertical feet there and phew… I wasn’t expecting that in New Zealand. North America, Europe maybe, but not New Zealand. I was blown away!

“For me this is obviously about skiing but in reality it is about communicating with people that they can ‘raise their restraining devices’. If you want something. If you’ve been dreaming about something. If there is a goal that’s been kicking around in your head… I want people, particularly women to start engaging those thoughts a little more. Hopefully, my trip will serve as a reminder that with any one person can achieve what they want to and end up living a dream in a town as beautiful as Wanaka even if it’s just for a week.”

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