Ski Magazine joins forces with Aria Fitness at Vail Cascade for conditioning program

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 9, 2010 10:55 am

It’s no secret that skiing uses muscles you never knew you had, and now it’s no secret how to get those muscles ready for the season. Various ski conditioning classes have specialized in toning bodies specifically in preparation for snow sports, and the trainers know that the key to success is in the mental work-out, too. How does one of the best programs in the nation accomplish both aspects? Ski Magazine and Aria Fitness at Vail Cascade give the inside scoop:

At Aria Fitness Club and Spa at the Vail Cascade, the killer combination for snow sport success combines the latest and greatest exercises replicated from the U.S. Ski Team, the NFL and NHL training professionals taught in circuit rotations. Mike Benedict CSCS, personal trainer at Aria Spa & Club along with John Cole, the Human Performance Director for Ski & Snowboard Club Vail designed the six week program to focus on preparing the participants’ mind and body for snow sports. Aria will have personal trainers and physical therapists available during classes and at after parties to offer free advice and assessments.

New for this year: SKI Magazine, along with parent company Bonnier, whose additional operations include Skiing Magazine, Warren Miller Entertainment and Nastar, has teamed up with Aria at Vail Cascade to sanction the ski conditioning boot camp, the only program in the nation that the publication fully endorses. Representatives from SKI Magazine will attend classes and after parties and will offer free magazines and other giveaways. Additionally, SKI Magazine editors felt that the fitness club and spa met their highest criteria to become the official home club of the publication.

Kimberly Elpers with the Bonnier Mountain Group elaborates, “SKI Magazine is a huge advocate of pre season training and conditioning. We always feature tips and works outs to help our audience fully enjoy the sport. We are extremely thrilled to partner with Vail Cascade to kick off the season right, with their exciting ski boot camp. What a great way to have fun getting in shape, to prevent injury and ski as long as you can this season–you couldn’t ask for a better location.”

Included to keep the energy level high will be a large inflatable movie screen on the fitness centers pool deck, showing some of the earliest Warren Miller films from more than forty years ago and last year’s hit Warren Miller Entertainment film, “Dynasty”. Music will be provided by DJ’s during some portions of training, and local film stars and skiing legends will be dropping in to chat with participants about other happenings in the ski and snowboard world over the course of the six week session. Prizes and giveaways throughout the class series add to the enthusiasm of attendees.

A large part of the motivation comes from the enthusiastic size of the program which can include up to 90 athletes on some nights, expertly spread out over the 78,000 square foot club so that participants feel the energy, but with room to spare. Participants hear the shouts from the next drill they are about to move to in the open gym while grunting their way across the upstairs fitness floor simulating world-cup racer stances. Moving from designated space-to-space with trainers alongside every step of the way keeps the mind and body challenged as attendees get in the best ski-shape of their lives.

New Aria Spa & Club General Manager Shaun Evans states, “The preparation and anticipation among our trainers and staff is amazing. I’ve never seen so many working parts come together with so much passion to make such a wonderful event come to life. Whoever participates in these classes will be more than ready to tackle the mountain.”

Aria Spa & Club also offers “after parties” where the trainers are available for questions, professional skiers and snowboarders hand out multiple prize giveaways and food and drink is provided by award-winning Atwater on Gore Creek at the Vail Cascade. The excitement factor creates a training environment that is fun, not grueling, and the cardio/strength/flexibility results occur alongside the mental “buzz” from the program. This year, sponsors such as Bern Helmets, Surefoot, Muscle Milk, Sports Authority, Red Bull, Garfinkles, Westside Cafe and the U.S. Ski Team as well as many others will provide special giveaways and offers throughout the ski conditioning parties. In addition, all attendees receive free magazines from SKI, and chances to win subscriptions to the publication.

Director of Fitness Dan Timm offers this guarantee:

“We cannot control the weather or snow amounts this season, however, we can guarantee your body will be ready for what Mother Nature gives us come November 19th when the mountain opens. If you take our classes I promise you will be ready for the season and have a ton of fun along the way. What more could you ask for?”

The Vail Cascade offers ski conditioning boot camp beginning Monday, October 11, and continuing for six weeks on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. for an hour and a half, with after parties on October 13th and November 17th. Participants can also enjoy 40 percent off treatments at Aria Spa. Ski conditioning boot camp also coincides with Aria Fitness and Spa’s Fall Open House, free for all to enjoy group classes, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzis and the full spectrum of cardio and weightlifting equipment. During the week-long open house, specials include $0 start-up fees and a new rate structure for prospective members. For more information about Vail Cascade or Aria Spa, visit or call 970-479-7920 .