Backflip your way to a free pair of Rasta-inspired Libtech NAS powder skis

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 11, 2010 5:07 pm

There are few ski tricks that can rival the backflip on a pound for pound level of excitement. Sure – the trick is mostly about commitment, and is sometimes regarded as being easier than a 360, but that’s neither here nor there. When a skier launches the move off a cliff, kicker, cat track, or whatever type of feature it may be, the backflip still manages to turns heads wherever it’s thrown.

On a similar note, Libtech has been turning the heads of winter sports enthusiasts for years. Besides being one of the first companies to embrace innovative technologies such as reverse camber or Magne-Traction serrated edges, the company has also bucked the trend of snowboard companies and openly embraced the rise of freeskiing. The result? The successful introduction of the Libtech NAS (Narrow Ass Snowboards) line, or in layman’s terms, skis.

While the NAS line has been out for a couple seasons, for the 2010-11 winter season, Libtech enlisted the help of pro NASer Tim Dutton to build a special line of the company’s latest powder planks. However, a man of Dutton’s ski stature (2009 World Freeski Champion) wasn’t going to spend his days building skis with the standard, run of the mill top-sheet; Dutton looked to create a limited edition version of the already successful NAS reCurve.

For the narrow ass snowboarders who ride pow, Lib Tech introduces a small batch of Rasta NAS reCurve with Magne-Traction. Built by Dutton himself, this collection of skis were crafted at Lib Tech’s environmental snowboard factory, and look to redefine the concept of pro performance.

Photos compliments of : Tim Zimmerman

The reCurve features a dynamic early-rise camber/rocker combo technology that gives life and pop underfoot as well as catch-free jibbing, float in powder, and carving power on ice and hard-pack. Combine that with Magne-Traction serrated edges, and the skis provide unbelievable edge hold and grip.

Dutton (who fully embraced the Rasta design) said of the skis he built, “These irie narrow ass snowboards are for jammin through the putto putto (very soft) mon. Rispeck due to the reCurve and Magne-Traction. This RastaPow NAS makes I an I (me) skin teeth (smile),” says Dutton. “No dibby dibby (bad quality) here mon. Just show me your poppyshow (ridiculous) backflip and win a pair.”

For those looking for a little Rasta translation: Dutton is giving away a pair of these righteous limited edition Libtech NAS reCurves to the skier who throws down the best backflip. In the process, one lucky skier will join the likes of Dutton, Jamie Pierre and Mike Wilson on the Rasta NAS Pow team!

Just submit your best backflip video clip to to win. Ya Mon!

And if you haven’t quite dialed in that backflip yet, but you still have the Rasta fever, a few pairs of the Rasta Libtech NAS will arrive in stores for purchase this week in both 181cm and 191cm lengths. Remember it’s buy one, get one free, in case the rider should choose to wear a narrow ass snowboard on each foot.