LA-area media outlets covering Ski Channel’s premiere of ‘The Story’

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 22, 2010 2:20 pm

The Ski Channel will be premiering its new ski film entitled “The Story” on Sunday, Oct. 24. during a special screening at the famed Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. With the event scheduled to draw premier snow sports athletes, musicians, celebrities and the cast of the film, it’s not surpising to see an increasing media buzz forming both locally and nationwide.

While Ski Channel CEO Steve Bellamy was taking the message of the Ski Channel FIlm Tour nationwide on “Tavis Smiley,” the new film has also been gaining media attention and popularity around Los Angeles. Steve Galluzzo, the sports editor of the Palisades Post, published a feature story Thursday, reporting on the epic film “The Story”. The article provides a detailed summary of the athletes and stars of the film and their backgrounds, and also showcases a picture of extreme skier Jamie Pierre standing in front of his world record 255-foot cliff that he skis off of in the film.

Click here for the Palisades Post article.