Ski Royal Wedding: Cody Townsend to Wed Elyse Saugstad

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on November 8, 2010 9:09 am

Not since Lindsey Vonn said “I do” to her giant slalom beau, Thomas Vonn, has there been a ski royalty wedding of this magnitude.  Cody Townsend, he of Flashing Hallways and ski-surfing fame, proposed to his extreme-skiing girlfriend, Elyse Saugstad.

The royal skiing prince, Cody, proposed to his princess at Yellowstone.  Mr. Townsend fills in the rest.  “I had the ring for four months.  I was just looking for the best time.  We went on a sweet little bike ride, one of the only bike trails in Yellowstone, and then hiked down to a waterfall.”

Waterfalls are guaranteed to elicit a yes response, no doubt.  But, that did not mean Cody was banking an answer before popping the question.  “I think it was the first time that she had ever seen me nervous.”

Was there any poetry, perhaps a riff on the waterfall and how your love is like crashing water?  “Nope, it was just the standard fare, will you marry me?”

Elyse sums up the excitement of a new name on her driver’s license. “”I’m really excited to be able to spend the rest of my life with someone I share similar passions — skiing, humor — and we’re competitive with each other, which is really fun.  We like to surf, bike, anything that’s fun and adventurous we like to do together.”

The wedding won’t be until next fall, but Vegas has already posted odds on who might be part of the wedding party.
Mike Douglas 20 to 1
JT Holmes 2 to 1
Scott Gaffney 100,000 to 1
Timmy Dutton 15 to 1

The royal couple’s immediate plans are to travel to Woodward at Copper to get some early season training in.  Congrats to the royal skiing couple!

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